Despite Political Pressures, the Census Results will be published!

kremicThe director of the Federal Bureau for Statistics Emir Kremic that he would like “if a member of the Presidency of BiH, Mladen Ivanic, remained consistent with his statement from the 16th of April when he said that the question of census is under the jurisdiction of the Agency for Statistics of BiH”.

โ€œAgency for Statistics of BiH is in charge for the census and no one else. Mr. Ivanic said this month and a half ago, and he should now behave according to that. The results of the census will be published in accordance with legal regulations. It will not succumb to political pressure on the statistical institutions, no matter who is involved. These are numbers, statistics and there is no place for politics, political deals and compromises,โ€ said Kremic.

Commenting on the meeting of the member of the Presidency of BiH Mladen Ivanic and the President of RS Milorad Dodik, which was held yesterday in Banja Luka, who sent a message that Serbian representatives of the Agency for Statistics of BiH should not participate in the work of these institutions until they resolve the problem in relation to the publication of the census results, and that the Federal Bureau for Statistics should stop cooperation with other similar institutions in BiH, Kremic said that none of them is in charge of the census.

“It would be better for them to deal with the devestating statistic which indicates that the largest number of unemployed citizens are between the age of 24 and 34, and that most of those who get their first job are 34 years old. Around 3.7 million people are on the list, so that’s kind of a petition of those 3.7 million people in this country who want BiH to continue its path towards the EU”, emphasized Kremic.

He noted that the Director of the State Agency, Velimir Jukic, protected the law by his approach and did not succumb to the pressures to work illegally, and that accordingly, census results will be published at the end.

“If some members of the Presidency of BiH believe that there is dispute in all of this, he has the ability to initiate dispute in front of the Constitutional Court of BiH. Everything else is just classic cheap politics, which does not give any results. If the deadline for publication of the results does not get respected, I will ask for video tapes from sessions of the Central Census Bureau to be given to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and to get everything out in the public and to find who is guilty. โ€œ

“I urge the politicians to leave statistical institutions alone to do their job in accordance with the law, and not political wishes and arrangements. I will send a letter to the international community and seek protection for employees in the statistical institutions from political pressures which are becoming unbearable. We will publish the results, and if someone is afraid of what the statistics will show – that is not our fault. Again, there is no political agreement with numbers and statistics,” concluded Kremic.

(Source: nap.ba)

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