Deterioration of air quality in Canton Sarajevo

Due to the deterioration of air quality, the Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision of the Implementation of the Plan of Intervention Measures in Cases of Excessive Air Pollution has declared the episode “Preparedness” in the Sarajevo Canton.

By measuring the concentrations of air pollutants in the Sarajevo Canton at all automatic stations (Vijecnica, Hadzici, Otoka, Ilidza and Ilijas), the limit values ​​for PM10 particulate matter in the air (50µg / m3) for the previous day were recorded.

Other monitored pollutants, according to the Plan, do not record exceedances of hourly values.

Trends for today record a further increase in concentrations.

According to the forecast of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, moderately cloudy to sunny weather is expected today and for the next three days, without precipitation and wind of low intensity, with weaker temperature inversion mostly in the evening.

Due to the weather conditions characterized by the presence of weaker temperature inversion and weak wind, there is a further accumulation of pollutants in the Sarajevo Canton, primarily PM10, with an increase in the value of other monitored pollutants.

Considering the forecasted stable weather conditions, with the recording of exceeding the daily limit values ​​at all automatic stations, the members of the Expert Body stated that all conditions for declaring the episode “Preparedness” provided by the Intervention Plan in cases of excessive air pollution were met.

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