Digital Marketing Conference “Konverzija” lineup featuring amazing international speakers

In the last two years, digital marketing conference “Konverzija” has attracted a lot of media attention, as well as the attention of digital marketing experts.

In addition to content quality and highly-experienced speakers, one of the main reasons for the success and popularity of the conference is the approach of the organizers who, from the very beginning, see “Konverzija” as a place of selfless knowledge sharing, where everyone has the opportunity to learn something new.

Judging by the reactions of participants and speakers on social media over the last few months, it is evident that the organizers have also come up with something extraordinary for the upcoming conference “Konverzija”.

This year, “Konverzija” will take place on 13th and 14th April in cultural centre Banski Dvor in Banja Luka, which offers a spectacular stage. Among 26 excellent speakers, there are four international ones, who will share their experiences and knowledge in the English language:

  1. Neil Cocker (UK) toured the world for seven years before co-founding Dizzyjam, an e-commerce and merchandising service for the music industry, and RampTshirts.com, the smartest service for buying promotional merchandise. Works as a creative and tech industries consultant, and startup ecosystem developer. He will speak about “How to Build Smart, Automated Marketing Campaigns with Zero Budget” out of his experience with Ramp T-Shirts.

  2. Fabian Rossbacher (Germany) is the founder of one of the biggest SEO conferences in Germany, working as a digital marketing consultant and boosting his pet shop “BARF Alarm”. He started as a talented web developer and now has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing. He will share his experience in a talk named “E-Mail Lead Generation with Follow-Up Phone Marketing”.

  3. Maja Jovancevic (Malta) has more than ten years of experience as an SEO in the most competitive SEO niches. She will share “Smart SEO Hacks for Every Website” in her speech, which can be implemented fast and give (in her experience) visible results.

  4. Eldin Smajlovic (Germany) is the international Brand Manager at Mann Hummel, famous for their car and truck filters. Eldin’s background is art, so he used his skills combined with Facebook to become one of the most profitable POD (print on demand) t-shirt designers and sellers in Germany.  He will share his tremendous knowledge about Facebook marketing in his speech about “How to Build and Scale a Successful Facebook Campaign”, which is one of the most difficult Facebook marketing disciplines.

One of the organizers, Nedim Sabic, said: “We are thrilled with the approach of the speakers and participants towards “Konverzija”, and because of that we’ve prepared more surprises this year, especially concerning networking. So, this year’s participants will receive unique, personalized gifts that will help in their networking with other participants and speakers, which is of great importance. We are happy that the Balkan region is showing the readiness and pleasure of adopting the latest and the most entertaining aspects of the digital marketing conference.”

Due to high demand for professional workshops, this year the organizers decided to offer four two-day workshops in the days before the conference itself. This year’s offer of workshops include four sectors of digital marketing – Google Ads, Google Analytics, E-commerce marketing, and SEO.

“This year, we expect a lively discussion between the CEOs of digital marketing agencies on the biggest challenges in working with clients. In addition to that, lectures are increasingly focusing on detailed case studies from practices that are common in the region, which is the way participants can learn the most. We are pleased that we’ve gone a step forward from general, theoretical lectures which we’ve shown in the first “Konverzija”, where we offered participants real and practical knowledge that they can apply immediately in their work”, said founder and CEO of Grape and co-organizer of the conference Nemanja Krecelj.

It should be emphasized that the City of Banja Luka, headed by the mayor, has supported “Konverzija” from the very beginning, making it even more important. This year, organizers expect support from higher levels of government, which shows that positive changes are taking place in that segment as well.

Although the number of tickets is almost doubled, they are selling very fast, so it is possible that this year they will be sold out too early. There is currently an active 15% discount on Standard tickets with the discount code “ST15”, which is a great opportunity to reserve your place if you have not already done so. VIP tickets are almost all sold out so we advise you to hurry if you want to have a chance to socialize with the lecturers during VIP activities. On 8th March, Konverzija is offering a 20% discount for women with the discount code “8MARTST20”.

You can check out the complete plan and program at www.konverzija.org, and after seeing all the organizers have prepared this year, you will understand why “Konverzija” is an event considered as a must-visit among digital marketing experts.

This year’s Konverzija is supported by Mtel, City of Banja Luka, Adcombo, Bravo Systems, UniCredit Bank Banja Luka, Advertek, Spark, Teleklik, Mozzart, GMP, LU Architects, Kabinet+, Manja, Vitinka, Ležibeg and others, as well as numerous media representatives.


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