Dino Merlin thrilled Stuttgart with His Concert Spectacle

concertTour “Hotel Nacional” by Dino Merlin that visited all the biggest stadiums and halls in BiH in the past two years, but also in neighboring countries and Europe, after a short break, continued to print history by the premiere guest appearance in one of the biggest hall Stuttgart – Glaspalast in Sindelfingen.

Besides the usual high standards of production that are following concerts of the biggest music star on Balkans, Dino Merlin, such as superior sound system, multi-layer ice-screen, live video and animation director, at last night’s premiere concert in Stuttgart was used laser technology.

Last night’s concert is the best overture for the next concert spectacles announced for this autumn in Zurich, Zagreb and Vienna.

“I never wanted to agree that any my concert is a repeat of some previous, and so it will be this time. As always, we will do our best on stage and behind the stage in order for the technical level to be seamless, with the new elements of production and show and worthy of my loyal audience that follows me for years,” said Merlin, who several times during his career stated that he approaches every concert with equal passion and commitment.

That was also confirmed by the organizers of last night’s concert and the audience, which enjoyed in completely new elements of show, production and refreshed set-list specially prepared for the autumn tour of “Hotel Nacional”, which has exceeded all expectations.

After Stuttgart, tour “Hotel Nacional” will be continued in Zurich (November 26), Zagreb (December 3) and Vienna (December 10).

(Source: klix.ba)

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