Diplomatic Scandal: Who issued Visas to 50 Iraqis who were turned back from BiH?


Border police in Bosnia have turned back 50 Iraqi citizens who arrived at Sarajevo International Airport on a regular flight from Turkey and tried to enter the country with tourist visas.

It has been established that these are illegal migrants who want to use our country as transit. They were granted a tourist visa to enter BiH, which is why they were let off by Turkish border guards on a flight to Sarajevo, Avaz newspapers reports.

However, after all the checks, they were returned to Istanbul late afternoon, but a sort of scandal of BiH diplomats was uncovered.

Namely, it is now being determined on the basis of which the BiH Embassy in Amman granted them visas, for which, as Iraqis told members of the BiH Border Police, they paid 1,000 euros each.

One Iraqi told investigators that they gave the money to a mediator at the Embassy in Amman, but did not provide the correct names. They did not pay a fee for this type of service, but had duly approved documentation for entry into BiH, while they could not justify their stay in the country.

They even had reserved accommodation at a Sarajevo hotel, which led to a raid yesterday conducted by the BiH Foreign Service. The checks revealed that the Iraqi had stayed at this hotel regularly before moving to Croatia.


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