Divers in Neretva River found the Body of a Girl from Konjic

Divers found the body of a 28-year-old girl from Konjic and the wreckage of a car that landed in the river near the Spiljanski Bridge last night in the Neretva River. Her body was found by divers from the Federal Police Administration (FUP) after a full day of searching, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

Work is currently underway to pull the car out of the river.

A male person addressed the Konjic Police Administration last night at around 8 pm and reported that he had found an unknown person with injuries on the road to Spiljane. A police patrol of Konjic Police Station was sent to the scene, which determined that it was A.D. (1996) from Konjic, who was wet and injured.

He told members of the police that he and A.Đ. (1992) from Konjic had a traffic accident in which they landed in the Neretva River, and that the vehicle was driven by A.Đ. which failed to get out of the vehicle.

Police patrols toured the area and found traces of a vehicle that landed in the river about 2 km from the place where the person was found, but due to poor visibility, they were unable to find either the person or the vehicle. A.D. was sent to Mostar for further treatment after receiving help at the Konjic Hospital.

This morning, members of the Federal Police Department, divers, rafters from Konjic joined the search with the Konjic police, and the body was found at a depth of about six meters.

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