Do you know how much Money remains in B&H when you buy a Domestic Product worth 10 BAM?

domestic products

If the reactions of citizens to Dita products in shops were followed by purchase, it would be better for all. What would happen if the action is expanded, what if administration bothers to prefer the sale of domestic products, what if citizens think where their money is going?

Members of the Association “Buy and use Domestic” consider that such trade moves would bring benefit to all.

“I think that both traders and workers of Dita will benefit from this initiative. Before all, I would say that the entire BH society will profit, because we will not be forced to watch the torment of those people. At the end, I think that for every 40 workers employed we have 40 happy families”, emphasized Amir Kapo, president of the Association “Buy and use Domestic”.

B&H has a liberal import regime, while on the other hand it has no excessive abilities to protect domestic production through the regime of foreign trade. Experts consider that a good positioning of domestic products in markets and a better promotion of products are of a key significance for the increase of sales. Every time that domestic products are purchased in the amount of 10 BAM, 8 BAM remains in B&H.

“If a raw material is from B&H, and if all that is processed and the final product is obtained, a part of a package is being imported, especially glass, then around 80% remains in the country. Whether citizens are buying a foreign product, that is an amount of VAT, so mathematics shows the positive impact of buying a domestic product”, added Kapo.

It is important to have and maintain product quality, but also to promote it in a right way. As in the elections, decisions on the future of the country are in the hands of the citizens.


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