Do you Recognize this Part of Sarajevo? Decades have passed, Everything has changed

This black and white photo of the snow-covered Čengic Vila, a neighborhood in Sarajevo, was taken in 1964.

The village was named after the Ottoman commander Derviš Paša Dedaga Čengić (1823-1874), the son of Smail-aga Čengić, who built a mansion (a villa) in this area, thus the name-Čengić Vila. Previously, the area was popularly called Dedaga’s residences.

After the arrival of the Austro-Hungarian authorities, an Egzercir-military training ground-was built in this area, which was used by the FC Željezničar as a stadium after World War II.

The site captured in this photo use to be the cinema Kumrovec. It was demolished in 2006 for a skyscraper, Velana Skyscrapers,“ to be built in its place.

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