Dodik: If this Crisis is not solved, RS and BiH will split

Milorad Dodik, a member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) said that if the situation is not resolved, the Republika Srpska (RS) will head for the exit from BiH, addressing the press at a press conference in Istocno Sarajevo.

He explained that BiH in which others would elect Croatrepresentatives, and Serbs would be deprived of land, forests,and all the rights written in the BiH Constitution is not possible.

“It is obvious that the situation in BiH has been brought to absurdity. Two of the three constituent peoples do not support the path taken by BiH as envisioned by the Muslims in BiH, in which others can elect Croat representatives, and Serbs would be deprived of forests, land and then asked to applaud. That BiH is impossible. The policy of non-confrontation led by Izetbegovic, Komsic, and others who are trying to show that they are professional, so it is completely to show how well-meaning they are to everyone, “ said the member of the Presidency of BiH.

Dodik emphasized that the Bosniak side started the harangue because it did not have answers to the questions of the RS about the violation of the Dayton Agreement.

“They want to gain the right to defend BiH, and we think we are defending the RS and BiH, referring to the word of the Dayton Agreement and the word of the BiH Constitution,” Dodik pointed out.

He stated that Bosniaks were also involved in unnecessary conflicts with Hungary, as well as that “orchestrated with a lot of hatred, they are creating a story that Russian malignant influence is spreading here, trying to gain Western centers of power.”

As for Commissioner Varhelyi, Dodik said that he was very clear in the conversation:

“He demanded that the BiH authorities function, he said that in that regard we should not procrastinate but try to solve these things. It is true that he said that many problems have been created after Inzko’s imposition of the law, but some do not think so, and that is not realistic. He had a positive role and it is absolutely not fair how people from the federal Sarajevo are trying to discredit in this way,” Dodik told.

Milorad Dodik commented on the latest actions of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH and stressed that these institutions must not decide on the fate of the RS.

We must not leave the fate of RS to this court and prosecutor’s office. If we wait for that, we will see that all those who work will be prosecuted and ‘put in jail’. OSA BiH acts by operationally monitoring everything and trying to criminalize individuals and companies in RS. The history of the court and the prosecutor’s office is the history of political persecution. This is just playing and abusing institutions that have succumbed to pressure and this came to us at the worst possible moment and we will explain it in the upcoming days,” Dodik noted.



Source: BHRT

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