Dodik: It is impossible to reduce the Significance of Prebilovci

dodik2The Serbian Patriarch Irinej blessed yesterday the Temple of Christ’s Resurrection in Prebilovci near Capljina, which was built in memory of 4.000 Serbs, mostly women, children and the elderly, who were killed by the Ustashas in the Second World War, in the area of Lower Herzegovina.

On that occasion, the President of the RS Milorad Dodik said that Prebilovci and the victims of Prebilovci must have a place which they deserve in the historical memory of the Serb peoples and Nedeljko Tenjovic, the envoy of the President of Serbia Tomislav Nikolic, said that Serbia and the Serb people are always for reconciliation, and that the President and the Prime Minister of Serbia have extended the hand of reconciliation.

“The Temple of Christ’s Resurrection in Prebilovci was not built to cause a new discord, but to remind of the truth“, said Dodik in Prebilovci, Tanjug reported.

The President Dodik stated that Prebilovci are an evidence that the desire to eliminate the Serb peoples does not cease, which is also proven by the fact that the descendants of those who commited terrifying crimes in 1941 again in 1992 ‘killed’ the bones which were burried in Prebilovci after several decades of laying in the pits.

“The resurrection is impossible to stop. People gathered around Prebilovci and those who intended to live here were a reason enough to come together and build a temple of the Christ’s resurrection dedicated to more than 4.000 victims who were killed only because they were Serbs”, said Dodik.

Temple in Prebilovci hms.baHe pointed out that it is impossible to minimize the importance of Prebilovci because it failed in both the communism and during the nineties of the past century.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo hms)

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