Dodik: Meeting with the US Ambassador turned into Threat


Member of Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Milorad Dodik regretted that his constructive meeting with the US Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson had turned into a threat, noting that the US administration would not be able to stop defending RS interests.

“I had a good conversation last night with the US ambassador. Everything he said to me I reciprocated. There have been some things and I perceive this as a threat and I cannot believe that they are engaging in something like that. Bosnia-Herzegovina belongs to us, not him, that he is threatening his defense,” Dodik told reporters in Sarajevo.

Dodik believes that Ambassador Nelson was fooled if he thought he could threaten.

“Republika Srpska, as they say, has red lines and we have our own. I told him that our policy was modest but proud and that we would not give up on basic principles no matter how big the US was and they were threatening in this way. I’m sorry he did,”Dodik said.

A member of the BiH Presidency added that the US administration has already imposed some sanctions, but that it will not be able to stop defending the interests of Srpska, regardless of, as he said, their infatuation with BiH.

“We had a constructive meeting and I thought we would continue that way. But now that the threat has been made, that’s another story, ” Dodik said, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.



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