Dodik suggested lower Reimbursements for the first Parliamentarians?

Dodik about Reimbursements oslobodjenje.baThe President of the Republic of Srpska Milorad Dodik changed his attitude about how much should the reimbursements of the deputies from the first convocation of the Assembly of the RS amount to.

Instead of the originally proposed 1.200 BAM, Dodik, who is the initiator of the law on the rights of first deputies, now proposes that they receive 800 BAM per month, actually the amount equal to the average salary in the RS.

Also, those remunerations would not be of inheritance line, i.e. the deputies would only receive them during their lives, but not their descendants, as originally proposed.

Dodik claims that “it is fair towards people who have led the Serb people in 1991 in the political sense, and who have undergone terrible torture because of that”.

In a statement to the press in Banja Luka, the entity President said that he will propose that new means are not to be allocated for those remunerations, but that the remunerations for the existing deputy structure get reduced by that amount and to pay them through some kind of solidarity.

Commenting on the fact that a number of former fighters protested against his initiative in front of the building of the National Assembly of RS yesterday morning, Dodik concluded that it is “clear politicization”, ascribing it all to SDS.

(Source: klix.ba)

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