The Products of our Hardworking Women at the Liberation Square

received_1736300929939917The Association “Our concept” today opened MIX bazaar at the Liberation Square – Alija Izetbegovic that will last from the 6th to the 9th of March in the period from 9 am – 6 pm.
This year’s MIX Bazaar is planned to be the exhibition of selling type, and a unique opportunity for the presentation of domestic producers, purchase of unique handicrafts as gifts for the upcoming Women’s Day, as well as opportunity to meet and talk with exhibitors, and learning about their ways of working.

“I am dealing with handicrafts for many years, and this year I made cups with sweet products as a perfect gift. However, demand for this kind of things is getting smaller and smaller, and people are complain about high prices even though these products cost between 1 BAM to 20 BAM,” said one of the participants of Bazaar.

There is also a booth with fruit products such as syrups, jams and marmalades. According to the owner Senada Kovac, the bazaar is expanding every year, considering that the profit is small, and the work is very hard.

The Association “Our concept” has the general aim to promote people, their values, ideas and works, and creation of place for meeting, introducing, acquiring new knowledge and exchange of experiences. In the past period more than 30 different events, fairs and bazaars was organized, where women from all over BiH represented and placed their unique handicrafts, handmade clothes and fashion accessories, natural cosmetics and organic food.
(Source: I. P./Klix.ba)

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