Drivers from Bosnia and Herzegovina to enter EU Countries without Green Card as of Today


From today, motor vehicle owners from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to travel without a green card to the countries of the European Union: Switzerland, Andorra, Iceland, Norway and to Serbia. The Auto-Moto Association of Republika Srpska (AMS) positively evaluates the European decision to allow drivers from BiH to travel to EU countries, as well as Switzerland, Andorra, Iceland, Norway and Serbia without the so-called green card.

”We should continue to work on abolishing the mandatory possession of a green card for drivers from BiH in all European countries,” said Secretary-General of the AMS RS Ranko Babic to Srna news agency.

Babic called on all drivers from BiH to be well informed about the route before leaving for one of the European countries, because it is possible that some of the countries in transit require possession of a green/white insurance card.

The President of the Assembly of the Association of Insurance Companies of Republika Srpska, Milomir Durmic, told Srna that the fight has been going on for years to reduce the number of unregistered vehicles, which ranged between ten and 15 percent, to about three percent to enable travel without a green card, Avaz writes.

He emphasized that registration plates will be enough to enter the mentioned countries from today.

In countries that are not signatories to the agreement, travel is not possible without a green card, such as Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania and Turkey, Durmic said.

Durmic added that BiH citizens no longer have to show a green card at border crossings, because by scanning the license plates, they will immediately check whether the vehicle is registered, insured and until when the registration is valid.

The Green Card Bureau in BiH announced in early October that owners of motor vehicles from BiH will be able to travel without control of the existence of a green/white card to EU countries, Switzerland, Andorra, Iceland, Norway and Serbia from October 19.

The Bureau specified that after many years of preparations and work on establishing and fulfilling criteria and certain standards according to the European Community of Insurers in Brussels, the Green Card Bureau in BiH signed the Multilateral Guarantee Agreement by which BiH became a member of the so-called License plate subsystem.

By signing this agreement with 33 EU bureaus, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Andorra, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, and the decision of the EU Commission of September 28 on the application of the directive of the European Parliament and the Council, motor vehicle owners from BiH have been able to travel to those countries without green / white card control.

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