Official: No Migrants passing through BiH

12804361_1117669768283978_2044104345_nThe situation at the border crossings of Bosnia and Herzegovina remains calm and there were no recorded attempts of entry of larger or smaller groups of refugees from the Middle East, as well as their passage through BiH to the EU, said the spokeswoman of the Border Police of BiH Sanela Dujković.

Regarding the new migrant routes where BiH is mentioned as well, especially the illegal ones, Dujković said that the Border Police draws attention to the fact that the northeast and east of BiH border with Serbia along the Drina River and that these routes are not a accessible terrain for passing of migrants.

On the other side, when it comes to the south of the country, there are several places of possible crossing of the state border apart from the border crossings, but that those are places barred with concrete bulkheads and ramps and regularly controlled by patrols, along with the use of modern technical means.

Dujković commented on the claims of one German television, according to which BiH is on the map of the new migrant route. According to this television, the refugees will travel from Greece, over Albania and Montenegro and through BiH, towards Croatia.

Commenting on the allegations of possible massive influx of refugees to the border of BiH, the spokeswoman Dujković said that, based on the state action plan, the Border Police of BiH made local and regional plans for conduct and a framework plan of conduct on a central level in 2015.

According to Dujković, citizens of Syria have entered BiH but in legitimate ways, and there were 726 such entrances in 2015. In the same period, 6.871 citizens of Afghanistan and 2.243 citizens of Iraq entered BiH.

Regarding the statistical data in 2015, statistics on attempts of illegal crossing of the state border do not differ significantly from previous years. Thus in this period there are 179 registered attempts of illegal crossing of the state border, among whom are four citizens of Afghanistan, three citizens of Iraq, and no citizens of Syria.

(Source: klix.ba)

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