Dzaferovic: BiH is moving forward more and more as Time passes

“The state exists because of the people, if people are happy in a local community, if there are not too many issues in it if people like to come there because it is a place of comfortable living, then it is something to be commended,” stated the Bosniak member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Sefik Dzaferovic at the solemn session on the occasion of the Day of the Municipality of Vogosca.

He told that this local community is a place of comfortable living, and wished for even better development, primarily economic.

“From my side, I will do everything I can to help you with that. I want you to further develop your infrastructure and progress in every area. The task of every level of government is to take care of every citizen. I said to every mayor, regardless of environment I came, that he must know the situation in every building corridor, in every apartment, in every house, in every street, so that he could be able to solve problems in a timely manner, these are the real leaders of the local community, “Dzaferovic pointed out.

Furthermore, he noted that he wanted the whole of BiH to be a place of comfortable living, since “there are conditions for that”.

“When it comes to resources, BiH does not have too much of it, and I talk about it very often, but God gave this countryeverything it needs for a comfortable life, for somewhere around four million of us. If things in BiH are set up so that resources are used in the best possible way, in order for all of us in BiH to have that place of comfortable living, that is possible and in the end, it will be like that regardless of all the problems that BiH is facing, ” emphasized Dzaferovic.

He said that BiH is moving forward more and more by each day, and said that everyone wants BiH institutions to be strong, forceful, stable.

“BiH is on the path of reintegration and integration into the European Union (EU) and NATO. With all the difficulties, we have made a significant step forward when it comes to our membership in NATO and we have not allowed deviating from that path, even though there have been strong blows. We are currently on our European path and we will continue to move forward. We need to strengthen the economy, create as many jobs as possible so that the whole of BiH becomes a place of comfortable living, ” concluded Dzaferovic, Nezavisne writes.

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