Dzaferovic expects the HR to dismiss Dodik: He must leave the Political Scene

The session of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in Sarajevo, which was also attended by Milorad Dodik, ended. However, he boycotted the decisions and blocked the work of this institution. Presidency member Sefik Dzaferovic stated he expected the international community to resolve the issue, Klix.ba writes.

At the beginning of his address after the session, Dzaferovic said that “in fact, no decision has been made”.

“Items on the agenda were mainly related to foreign policy issues, they go to the second round. Some items were related to the issue of defense, and Dodik voted against all items on the agenda. One or two pieces of information were adopted where no consensus is needed and where it is possible to make a majority decision, ” Dzaferovic explained the events during the session.

Furthermore, he clarified that the Presidency of BiH will not be able to work in this way and that the harmfulness of the boycott of this institution is obvious.

“It is a clear blockade of the institution of the Presidency. Today we could not finish the appointment of an ambassador. This is why the institution of the Presidency of BiH is endangered. The competence of the Presidency and activities under the Presidency’s jurisdiction are endangered,” he said yesterday.

What he stressed is that Dodik, apart from blocking the work of the Presidency, is also abusing this institution by refusing to exercise his constitutional powers. That is why he is looking for a reaction from the international community.

“We are in the typical situation in which the mechanism of the international community in charge of implementing the Dayton Agreement should react. I expect the international community, above all the High Representative (HR), to take action to solve this situation,” told Dzaferovic.

He explained that these words meant he expected HR to dismissMilorad Dodik.

“Regardless of the HR, there are people here who are tied to this country like with an umbilical cord and who will not allow retrograde policies to be accepted. And one piece of advice: Take good care of the Dayton balance,” he noted.

Addressing the press, Dzaferovic showed anger and nervousness because of Dodik’s behavior during the session, which is why he clearly told him that it would not be possible to work in his way.

“Mr. Dodik will either have to change his policy and become constructive or he will have to leave the political scene. He must know that by endangering the state, he is also endangering the Dayton Agreement, and that means that entities are also endangered since they were created by Dayton,”  concludedDzaferovic.

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