Dzaferovic meets with Delegation of Islamic Community in Montenegro

Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sefik Dzaferovic received a delegation of the Islamic Community in Montenegro led by Rais-l-ulama Rifat Fejzic.

Fejzic informed Dzaferovic about the current situation in Montenegro, with an emphasis on the position of the Muslim community in that country.

Dzaferovic stressed that Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to have good bilateral relations with Montenegro and that he expects the process of relaxing interethnic relations and ensuring equal rights for all citizens in Montenegro, regardless of ethnicity and religion.

He said that he would continue supporting the rights of Bosniaks in Montenegro, as well as in all other homeland countries of the Bosniak people, through cooperation with Bosniak national councils and through bilateral cooperation with countries in the region, the BiH Presidency stated in the press release.

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