Easter and Ramadan in Gorazde: Peace and good human Relations have no Alternative

Priest Marko Markovic and Effendi Dzenan Imamovic used the days when the happiest Christian holiday Easter is celebrated and while the month of Ramadan lasts to visit the places where trees grow, which were planted in March 2016 as a symbol of cooperation between religious communities.

The trees were planted by young activists of the Majlis of the Islamic Community of Gorazde and the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Gorazde Municipality in front of the Sports Hall in Novo Gorazde and the park of the Islamic Cultural Center in Gorazde, sending a message of lasting peace and positive values which religious beliefs offer to man as an individual, but also to society and the community as a whole.

At the same time, they emphasized the importance of preserving the environment, but also the dignity of every human being as one of the basic human values.

”Peace and good human relations are values that have no alternative and values that open the door wide to all other values that make a person’s life valuable and worthy of being called human. For us, the imperative of competing for good is what should motivate us in everyday life, while the protection of the right to dignity of every human being and another being, and the protection of nature and the world around us, is what defines us as believers. Both the time of the Easter holiday and the month of Ramadan reminds us that without perseverance and patience, without renunciation and self-reproach, without love for all human beings, there is no happiness or contentment in this world, nor the salvation in the afterlife, ” told Effendi Dzenan Imamovic, Imam of the Mufid Sokolovic mosque in Gorazde.

The two religious officials also sent joint congratulations, and the Parish Priest of Gorazde, Marko Markovic, noted on this occasion that the days of spiritual renewal are opportunities for the prosperity of every individual.

“This is a symbol of brotherly love and mutual respect. I congratulate Easter to all believers of the Orthodox faith with the happiest Christian greeting “Christ is risen – he is truly risen”, and I also wish our Bosniak brothers to spend Ramadan fast in health, and to welcome Eidal-Fitr in joy together with their families”, said Priest Marko Markovic, Parish Priest of Gorazde, Klix.ba writes.


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