Edin Dzeko’s Jersey sold for 10.000 BAM, all the Money goes to Charity!

Edin Dzeko’s signed jersey was sold for 10.000 BAM! This auction was organized jointly by the humanitarian association and Edin Dzeko, and all funds from the auction will be used for humanitarian purposes, more precisely to the “Athletes for Life Fund”, which was founded last year by Dzeko and former captain of the BiH basketball team and president of the Basketball Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (KSBiH),Mirza Teletovic.

The winner of the humanitarian auction was Ermin Burekovicfrom Zenica, the owner of the company Feko-Sale, Lider supermarket.

Burekovic, who has been known for his humanitarian deeds, made the highest offer, which in the end amounted to 10.000 BAM and Edin Dzeko’s jersey went into his hands.

More than 90.000 BAM from this ”fund” has already been distributed for the needs of the treatment of sick BiH citizens.

I decided to participate in this humanitarian auction in order to do another good deed. I have a great desire to help the sick and the poor in BiH, and I fully trust the Association, which does it in the most transparent way possible. Apart from that, the award is the jersey of Edin Dzeko, which will take a special place in my company, because he is also a great manwho often helps our people, ” noted Burekovic, whose biggest competitor for the purchase of an Inter jersey signed by Edin Dzeko, was Edis Husic, who recently bought Smail Prevljak’s jersey at an auction, also for humanitarian purposes.

This time, Burekovic was more persistent and all people from the Association cordially thanked him for this great humane act.

Dzeko also left a comment on the information that Burekovicbought the jersey at a humanitarian auction.

”You deserve this jersey Ermin Burekovic! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart, ” Dzeko wrote.

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