Eiffel Bridge in Sarajevo to play Music with the Power of Wind?

bridgeEiffel Bridge or Iron Bridge in Sarajevo will soon sound like playing music at time when the wind is blowing, thanks to the students who designed the project “Bridge of winds.”

Within the framework of this year’s Sarajevo Street Art Festival (FUU), students of the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Sarajevo, Department of Product Design, Amina Dadović, Vedad Dizdarević and Elvira Ćosić, realized the project “Slowmotion,” on whose design they were working last semester.

Metal installation will be installed at the Eiffel Bridge, which will produce a sound like “playing music” with the help of the power of wind.

The first Sarajevo Street Art Festival will be held under the title “Urban Transformations – Sarajevo on the second look,” from the 25th to 27th of September at more than 20 locations around the city of Sarajevo. The “Bridge of winds” will be presented on the 26th of September, at 6 p.m.

FUU is a multimedia outdoor festival, whose stage is transported through various parts of the city that are popularized and neglected.

“FUU is an open air street art festival in Sarajevo, whose stages and performances will be held throughout the city, on locations both popular and forgotten. A unique event that directly engages the audience – in parks, streets, neighborhoods and avenues – with the goal of breathing in the spirit of culture and art in these areas. The street art festival will through its content and performances invite and animate all the citizens of Sarajevo to participate, both actively and passively, and play a part in creating a new urban and cultural infrastructure and heritage of the city,” as stated at the official website of the festival organizers.


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