Eight Persons charged with having committed War Crimes against Victims of Serb Ethnicity

The accused are charged with having committed war crimes against victims of Serb ethnicity at several locations in Lukavac in 1992.

A prosecutor of the Special Department for War Crimes issued an indictment against Zijad Srabović, born on 26 February 1961 in Tuzla, Refik Morankić, aka ‘Fiko’, born on 19 October 1952 in Modrac, Ahmet Bajrić, aka ‘Ahmo’, born on 28 February 1965 in Liješnica, Abid Arapčić, born on 2 March 1969 in Tuzla, Senaid Ćosića, aka ‘Žera’, born on 9 December 1957 in Modrac, Pašaga Čajić, aka ‘Čaja’, born on 2 September 1969 in Lukavac, Samir Džambić, aka ‘Džambo’ /Jumbo/, born on 11 April 1972 in Lukavac, and Mirsad Žilić, aka ‘Žila’ and ‘Mirso’, born on 22 March 1964 in Tuzla.

The Accused are charged with the fact that during the war and armed conflict in BiH, they, as commanders and members of the TO Lukavac, Military Police, ‘Fiko’s unit’ and HVO Modrac, acted contrary to the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

They are charged with war crimes committed against more than 20 victims – Serb civilians, who were illegally detained on several locations in the Lukavac area and the surrounding area.

The indictment alleges that the victims were tortured and abused in particularly humiliating ways and that they were subjected to severe physical and mental injuries, sexual assault and other inhumane acts.

The committed crimes inflicted serious injuries to the victims and two prisoners died as a result of ill-treatment.

The accused are charged with the criminal offence of War Crimes against Civilians.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH will be proving the allegations from the indictment by calling 42 witnesses to testify, including witnesses with protective measures, and by tendering about 100 pieces of material evidence.

The indictment was forwarded to the Court of BiH for confirmation.


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