Election of New RS Government Today

The RS should get its 14th government today, which would be led for the first time by a woman, Željka Cvijanović.

The special session of the RS National Assembly, for which the mandator for the new RS government Željka Cvijanović would present an expose and propose the new composition of the RS government to be held today in Banja Luka.

The RS President Milorad Dodik gave the mandate for the composition of the new RS government on 27 February to the previous minister for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation of the RS.

On that day, the RS Assembly accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Aleksandar Džombić and the House of Peoples confirmed the decision of the Parliament.

After she is elected to the RS National Assembly, the new RS government has to be confirmed by the House of Peoples in order to be official.

Last week Cvijanović held consultations with the RS coalition parties, social partners, student representatives, pensioners, veterans and women’s organizations.

According to announcements, six departments in the new government will undergo changes, which was until now led by minsters from SNSD.

Even if SDA was offered entry into the government, the ruling coalition of the RS did not accept their candidate for Minister of Trade and Tourism Dževad Mahmutović, so for this reason SDA withdrew from entering the cabinet.

The mandatory will provide details at a special session on the program of the new government and its final composition.

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