“Elektroprivreda BiH” Plans To Invest 1.69 Billion KM

The planned investments for the next three-year period will amount to 1.69 billion KM, and is expected to materialize with the business plan of the public enterprise “Elektroprivreda BiH” for the period of 2013-2015. It was adopted at the session of the Assembly in Sarajevo.

The most important strategic goals in the period are the beginning of the construction of new production capacities, modernization and restructuring of the coalmines and power plants in compliance with European directives.

Construction is scheduled to begin on six facilities: hydropower plant Vranduk, small hydropower plant on the Neretva and wind power plant Podveležje, and hydropower plant Kostela Aneks and Janjići, block 7 in thermoelectric plant Tuzla and block 8 in thermoelectric plant in Kakanj.

Speaking about the business plans for the power plants for 2013-2015, Executive Director Nedžad Mujagić said that it is expected a significant increase in the production of electrical energy, which is the result of the revitalization of capacities from the last period.

An increase in revenue growth is expected, which should by 2015 be over one billion KM.

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