Elementary School Pupils educated through “Little School of Money” to mark World Savings Day


On the occasion of the World Savings Day to be celebrated on October 31, 2019, and as a part of the financial education program, which has been implemented by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), for several years now, the appropriate promotional activities are organized in the premises of the elementary school “Srbija” and the Pale High School, in Pale.

During the visit, elementary school pupils were educated through a presentation entitled “Little School of Money”, while the high school students, through presentations, were informed about the CBBH and its tasks, as well as the need to manage money, financial products and savings. These presentations and related activities are aimed for primary and secondary school students in order to create awareness of the importance of smart money management and the importance of saving from the earliest age.

Students were distributed publications – a brochure for children entitled “Novko i Novčica u svijetu novca”, and for high school students a brochure “Saznaj sve o novcu” and a leaflet entitled “Šta je štednja?”.

This and similar events organized on the occasion of World Savings Day are the integral parts of the financial education that the CBBH has conducted in recent years with the aim of strengthening financial inclusion and responsible financial management for the benefit of economic development and growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. So far, the CBBH has opened its doors to students of numerous primary and secondary schools and to students from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and universities outside Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Also, the CBBH will organize the celebration of the World Savings Day in Brčko (October 30), Banjaluka (October 31) and Sarajevo (November 1).

These activities were realized as part of the project of Financial Education and Inclusion Promotions implemented by the CBBH with the support of the European Fund for southeast Europe – Development Facility (EFSE DF).

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