Twitter deleted Dodik’s Daughter Post in which She supports Ratko Mladic

The social network Twitter removed the post of Gorica Dodik, the daughter of the chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in which she praises and provides support to the convicted war criminal Ratko Mladic.

Gorica Dodik published the tweet after Mladic was sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed during the aggression on BiH, including the genocide in Srebrenica. 

She left several shameful comments and tweets on her Twitter account, writing “Long live Republika Srpska! Long live Ratko Mladic! Long live all the heroes of the Army of Republika Srpska!” adding hearts in the colors of the Serbian flag. 

This provoked numerous reactions on the social network, and the post was reported by users, after which Twitter launched an investigation. 

“Our investigation has shown that this post violated Twitter’s rules. The ‘glorification of violence’ rule has been violated,” Twitter said in a statement. 

Gorica Dodik was not at all satisfied with the decision of one of the largest social networks to remove her post. As expected, she attacked the users who reported her comment, and she did not change her views. Shortly afterwards, she locked her profile. 

“By reporting my profile and deleting tweets you can’t silence me or change my mind. You’ve proved me right. I’ve never read or cared who you’re praising, nor has it occurred to me that I’m trying to convince you you’re wrong. I delete it and my soul and conscience are calm, “Gorica Dodik wrote in the next few tweets, Klix.bawrites.

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