Eleven New Kilometers of Corridor 5C to be opened soon

The company “Federation Highways” will present a new 11 kilometers of the highway to Bosnia and Herzegovina, symbolically – on November 25th, on the Statehood Day of BiH.

The works on the construction of the Zenica bypass, the most demanding section on Corridor 5C, are progressing as planned, which we were convinced of during Avaz’s news portal visit to the site.

Currently, there are hundreds of workers working hard, so that all the work would be completed on time. In order to complete the project on the currently largest construction site in our country, neither the coronavirus nor the high temperatures managed to prevent them.

The goal, they say, is clear, to finish the promise and hand over the new kilometers to the citizens for use.

Work is in full swing on asphalting the section, and according to Reuf Kadric, on behalf of the company “Autoceste FBiH”, 95 percent of the work has been done.

“Most work is done on the part where the route is open. The works are going in the desired direction and, if something does not surprise us, we will be able to complete and put into operation the new 11 kilometers of highway by November,” Kadric announces.

He reveals that given the numerous problems with securing the slope, they have installed 57 kilometers of geotechnical anchors.

“A large number of drainage wells were drilled, more precisely about 50 kilometers from the beginning to the end of the section,” Kadric reveals.

He does not hide that they are happy in this company as well, that the new kilometers of the highway will be opened on November 25.

“It is certain that this will be the best gift to the state and we hope that we will succeed in that. The contractor was also a little more engaged, so now we have twice as many workers working,” says Kadric.

After the new 11 kilometers of the highway are opened to traffic, Kadric announces, the work will continue on the extension of the Zenica bypass, ie lots towards Zepce.

Speaking about the most demanding project of the Babina Rijeka viaduct, Kadric says that it is like that because the works were performed at a height of more than 120 meters.

“For its construction, we spent 27,000 cubic meters of concrete. It is really a grandiose project that we have successfully completed,” reveals Kadric.

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