Embassy of Switzerland donates to the Mountain Rescue Service Sarajevo

dog GSSYesterday, in the premises of the Embassy of Switzerland in BiH, a handover of a trained bloodhound to the Mountain Rescue Service (GSS) Station Sarajevo was held.

As part of its efforts to strengthen a local capacity for prevention and action in cases of natural disasters, the Swiss Government has supported the training program of bloodhound in the certified Association for training dogs “K-9 Training Team.”

A trained bloodhound was donated to the GSS in order to help the team to find the missing persons in everyday situations, as well as in the case of the natural disasters such as avalanches, floods, earthquakes and similar crises situations.

Very often, it happens that minutes are of a crucial importance in efforts to rescue survivors after disasters. One trained dog can replace 25 rescuers searching the same ground four times faster!

Bloodhound dogs successfully find the survivors in 90-95% cases. Moreover, they can be used in searches for missing persons such as children or people with mental and other health problems.

The director for cooperation in the Embassy of Switzerland in Sarajevo, Barbara Dätwyler Scheuer, director of the Association for training dogs ”K-9 Training Team” Siniša Perojević and professional dogs trainer and members of the GSS Sarajevo were all present in the handover.

(Source: klix)

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