Emotional Farewell of FACP from the Best Dog-Miners

askaOfficials of the Federal Civil Protection (FCP) said last goodbye to their dog deminer Aska, which died due to health complications. Aska was a member of the FCP since 2009.

Aska is German Shepherd that was born on the 15th of July 2007. She was two years old when she started to “work” like a dog for detection of explosives. She passed training in Dog Training Center in Borci near Konjic.

“Aska immediately established a friendly relationship with members of the FCP and especially with her guide Alden Cesko. She was working on removing mines for almost eight years all across BiH.

As a member of the POEK team of FCP, together with her guide Alden Cesko, she won prestigious award ‘Team of detection dogs for the year of 2014’, which is awarded by the Marshall Legacy Institute in Baltimore (United States), at which participate dogs from mine affected countries around the world, Angola, Sudan, Cambodia, Azerbaijan,” as said in a farewell text of FCP.

From the Marshall Legacy Institute stated then that the competition was intense, and the choice was very difficult, but that Alden and dog Aska earned the award for outstanding integration of man and dog, exemplary work ethic and professionalism and great results of work which they have achieved since 2009, by saving and improving the lives of people throughout BiH.

“Thank you Aska for making great contribution to demining operations in BiH and thus saved many lives,” said people from the FCP in an emotional farewell.


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