Energoinvest: No additional quantities of gas have been ordered for Sarajevo Canton

Energoinvest d.d. Sarajevo issued a statement stating that Sarajevogas had informed them that the quantities of gas supplied by Energoinvest were sufficient, and that they would give up the supply of additional quantities of gas.

Energoinvest states that after the decision of the Government of Sarajevo Canton and giving consent to “Sarajevogas” for the procurement of additional quantities of gas, they submitted to “Sarajevogas” on three occasions an updated and transparent offer for the requested additional amount of gas, given that market gas prices change to on a daily basis.

“Instead of purchasing additional quantities of gas, ‘Sarajevogas’ informed ‘Energoinvest’ in its e-mail of January 26 at 6:06 pm that it does not need additional quantities of gas, that it is giving up the supply of additional quantities, and that it is satisfied with the quantities of gas that Energoinvest “regularly delivers for the needs of ‘Sarajevogas'”, Energoinvest said.

We remind you that the Government of Sarajevo Canton, at an extraordinary session held on January 25, decided to procure additional quantities of gas at the market price, in order to prevent the suspension of heating for more than 150,000 citizens of Sarajevo Canton who are users of “Toplane”.

The Government of the Sarajevo Canton then announced that the purchase of an additional 500,000 cubic meters of gas was requested for the next period, which would cost 372,000 BAM at the agreed price, and which will be paid four times more.

It was also stated that “Sarajevogas” will take legal actions in the coming period regarding “non-compliance with the contract by the company” Energoinvest “, due to undelivered contracted quantities of gas and compensation for damage caused by the inevitable purchase of additional quantities of gas at a significantly increased price.”

After the extraordinary session, the government announced that in the last three days, 215,000 cubic meters of gas were delivered to the Sarajevo Canton in relation to the guaranteed quantities.

The deficit, as they stated, was caused by the unforeseen withdrawal of 150,000 cubic meters of gas by the private company “Arcerol Mittal”, in the name of the alleged overhaul.

It was also pointed out that “Energoinvest” demands that the Sarajevo Canton pay the market price of gas for additional quantities, which is four times higher than agreed, while “Arcelor Mittal” pays additional quantities at lower, previously agreed prices.

The government of the Sarajevo Canton has said that it will not allow the citizens to be left without gas.

Due to the lack of a sufficient amount of natural gas, “Sarajevogas” started shutting down “Toplane” from the gas system on Monday. The “heating plants” then continued to heat.

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