Entrance to Hungary forbidden for Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina

As of July 15, the Hungarian government is introducing new restrictions on the entry of foreign citizens into that country, due to the increase in the number of people positive of coronavirus in Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the red category and our citizens are not allowed to enter Hungary, news portal reports.

According to Prime Minister Gergely Gulyas, in the red category are, in addition to BiH, Albania, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia and Montenegro.

Serbia is in the yellow category and their citizens can enter with a two-week quarantine or if they have two tests that prove that they are negative for coronavirus done no later than 48 hours.

Croatia is in the green category. Those who can prove that they overcame Covid-19 are released from quarantine, but that only applies to foreign citizens of countries that are in the yellow and green categories.

Restrictions do not affect transit and freight traffic.

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