Entry in Old Town Mostar to be charged to Tourists?

The director of the “Stari grad” agency in Mostar, Miralem Fajic, said that in order to charge for the entry of tourists into the old town, there should be a consensus of all those interested in doing business in tourism, as well as the residents of the Old Town.

”The Stari grad agency, in 2014/15, did a video surveillance project in the Old Town, 14 cameras were installed and at that time the possibility of a payment in the Old Town was already being considered. The characteristic of the Old Town as an area that, in addition to business activities, is also an area where people live permanently and it is known that there are five entrances to the Old Town and any setting of barriers or collection points would require the approval of the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning. Given that there is no regulatory plan for the historic urban landscape of Mostar, but preparations are underway for its adoption, possibly this type of payment should be proposed in the regulatory plan for the historic urban landscape, says Fajic. According to him, when tourists come to any destination, then tourist workers working in the area try to make them feel at home, and any slowdown in the movement of tourists, citizens would not meet the requirements of the tourism industry. That is why there should be a far broader consensus of all those interested in doing business in the tourism industry,” said Fajic.

He suggests that the City Council of the City of Mostar announce a tender for the development of a billing project in the Old Town, and then see what the profession will offer and see how new technologies fit into the project, or whether it happens that the entry fee using new technologies does not slows down the movement of tourists and citizens.

After that, Fajic believes, it should be seen with the residents of the Old Town as well as those who are business related to the Old Town, whether the project would be acceptable so that there would be no opposition during its implementation.

Commenting on events such as the Red Bull that take place on the Old Bridge, Fajic states that this event has given a new light in the presentation of the tourist offer, not only locally but also globally.

”It is of great importance that the Old Bridge and its surroundings have become one of the necessary destinations in terms of the event held by the Red Bull,” said Fajic. He believes that within the tourist season, which lasts a minimum of three months, program activities should be expanded because Mostar has various opportunities to present traditions and customs.

Fajic commented on the projects done by the Agency in the past period and pointed out that he had intensive cooperation with the Mayor of Mostar Mario Kordic during the implementation of the emergency landslide remediation project in the Old Town and that the project was implemented jointly.

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