EU Connect: 519 Employees less in BH Institutions

According to data from the EU Connect, in the period between January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2018, the number of employees in BH institutions was decreased by 519 persons.

At the beginning of the year of 2016, a total of 22,412 people were employed in state institutions, including 9,725 members of the Armed Forces of BiH with the Ministry of Defense of BiH and 12,687 employees of other institutions.

The number of persons to which the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH is paying salary was decreased by 519 and it amounted to a total of 21,893 employees on December 31, 2017. Of this, the number of members of the Armed Forces of BiH with the Ministry of Defense of BiH was reduced by 89 persons and it amounted to 9,636.

The largest decrease in the number of budget users is visible in other BiH institutions, because the number of employees was decreased by 430 people, and it amounted to 12,257 people in early 2018, as noted from the EU Connect.

They also consider the data presented by the Director of the Agency for Civil Service of the FBiH as devastating, in which was stated that a total 7,150 civil servants were employed in the FBiH, of which 974 on leading positions, and only three of employees are under the age of 25.

EU Connect reminded local politicians that the Delegation of the EU to BiH warned the authorities at all levels to start with reforms of public administration on several occasions, because it is “about time to seriously deal with this issue”.

“We consider a statement of British Ambassador to BiH Edward Ferguson as considerably important message, and he stated that the public-sector functions as a large sponsorship network for the ruling parties and gives them an unfair advantage during the elections. Considering the fact that 2018 is an election year, EU Connect will inform the public about the names and surnames of people employed at public calls in state institutions as well as their association with political parties in BiH,” as stated from the EU Connect.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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