EU Continues Financial Assistance

The European Union will, using the instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) two, continue to offer financial assistance to countries that are in the process of EU accession, and in the next financial perspective from 2014-2020.

This was confirmed by the spokesperson for the Direction for European Integration (DEI) BiH, Marina Kavaz-Siručić, who added that the main goal of this project is to help countries meet the criteria for membership.

As she pointed out, it is not known how this instrument will look, because the degree of the establishment of IPA two is expected mid-year, and the regulations for its implementation in the third quarter, that is, in the fall.

She said that, in relation to the actual instrument for pre-accession assistance that is in implementation from 2007-2013, there will be some changes to the framework.

“IPA two will, instead of the current five components, consist of five policy areas, and also the process of transition towards membership and the institutional capacity building, regional development, employment, social policy and development of human resources, agriculture and rural development and regional and territorial cooperation, said Marina Kavaz-Siručić.


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