EU: Milkos Products to be exported after modifying the Design and Declaration

Milkos not Exporting Yet novovrijeme.baThe Sarajevo Dairy Milkos, one of four dairies from B&H which were given a green light for the export of products to the EU, will not send its tow trucks towards the state borders yet.

Milkos UHT milk, white feta cheese, yoghurt, ayran, and sour cream should be found on the store shelves in the countries of the EU.

As explained by the Director of this dairy Adin Fakic, the export was indeed planned by the end of the month. However, there have been some contingent liabilities which, as it was subsequently established, must be respected.

“Given that we haven’t exported for over two years, we’ve kind of dropped out of practice, so we did not know that we must also make modifications in the design of certain products, as well as in the declaration. It should be written on the back of the product: Importer. I personally thought this job will be finished quickly, but I was apparently wrong. It takes at least another 20 days to come to an end with everything”, Fakic said.

Regarding other paperwork and necessary analysis, that was completed long time ago, the Director of Milkos pointed out.

“Conversations with the buyers outside B&H have been completed. We have agreed on the desired prices. We are satisfied and we believe that the prices are acceptable. Hence, everything is ready, except for the abovementioned redesign”, Fakic noted.

As it is already known, the Dairy Livno first started exporting its products to the EU market. Two more BH dairies which were approved to export, Dairy Meggle Bihac and Mlijekoprodukt Kozarska Dubica, are also hastily working on fulfilling all obligations in order for the export to start by the end of the month, unhindered.


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