EU, NATO and Regional Cooperation of Three Common Foreign Policy Goals Between BiH and Macedonia

Membership to the EU and NATO, as well as regional cooperation are the three basic common foreign policy objectives of BiH and Macedonia. This was said today in Sarajevo after the meeting of the BiH and Macedonian Ministers of Foreign Affairs Zlatko Lagumdžija and Nikola Poposki, respectively.

The two ministers announced that a business forum should soon be held of businesspeople from BiH and Macedonia, where apart from the Foreign Trade Chambers of the two countries, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs will also participate. Poposki said that the economies of the countries in the region are individually small, but if they act jointly they can achieve significant results.

Lagumdžija announced that from the beginning of April there should be flights between Skope and Sarajevo established, which would certainly contribute to the development of cooperation and especially economic cooperation between the two countries.

The Ministers signed a Protocol on Cooperation today between the BiH and Macedonian Ministries of Foreign Affairs in the area of diplomatic training. Lagumdžija said that two more agreements would soon be signed on mutual cooperation for the EU path, as well as mutual recognition and certification of goods from Macedonian institutions in BiH and goods from BiH insitutions in Macedonia.

Poposki reminded that Macedonia is the chair this year fro the Southeast European Cooperation Process (SEECP), and expressed hope that by the June summit cooperation between these two countries will have significant results.

“We should have been more involved in regional cooperation and put a bigger emphasis on joint projects, and one of them would certainly have improved infrastructure. This would be in the interest of citizens of the two countries as well as the EU, which would make it the most important project’’, concluded Poposki.

At the end, Poposki said that he travelled to BiH in the year that it celebrates the establishment of diplomatic relations between BiH and Macedonia.

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