Professor Hampel: Swiss model is the solution for BiH

German theologian, professor of the History of the Church, PhD Adolf Hampel in an interview to FENA talked about BiH statehood and its EU future, and added that he believes in the future of BiH.

Hampel, a friend of BiH, said that he inherited the love for BiH from his father.

During the war, Hampel lobbied for sovereignty and integrity of BiH, stopping the aggression, murder and other atrocities through his lectures, political and theological engagement and he wrote the book ‘Maastricht dies in Sarajevo’, which was published in 1993.

He said that the agreement and consensus between three nations of BiH are the key for improving the overall situation of BiH.

‘The problem of BiH is in the relations of three ethnic and religious groups. Without some sort of agreement, BiH road to the EU is going to be very hard. I see only one solution, and it is the federal model of Switzerland that functions for centuries, although there are some difficulties of four languages (German, French, Italian, Romansh). In BiH it would be easier to implement it’ ,said Hampel.

Despite the wounds from the recent past, he thinks that every ethnic group must give up their nationalism and chauvinism for the well-being of everyone.

‘The EU can help, by clearly calling Serbia and Croatia to give up their plans on annexing BiH territory. Future plans in the EU are directed to include the entire Balkans. However, the economical crisis, especially in Greece, has significantly slowed down the process of the accession of Balkans countries to the EU. If the EU survives, next to economical blocks of the USA, China and Russia, then the members have to agree on enlargement of the EU’, said Hampel.

Before the signing of Dayton Peace Agreement, Hampel visited Sarajevo and attended the session of Independent Intellectuals ‘Circle 99’.

Hampel concluded that such a concept of multinational work is a guarantee of BIH’s survival.

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