EUD/EUSR statement on discriminatory Remarks threatening media freedom

andyCommenting on discriminatory remarks made about journalists of RTRS, EUD/EUSR spokesperson Andy McGuffie said:

“Safety of journalists is a precondition for free speech and free media; any threat to journalists’ working environment and ability to operate independently must be seriously addressed.

“Singling out female journalists in misogynist remarks is degrading and an unacceptable threat to female journalists’ safety. In addition to causing personal insult and trauma, it is a challenge to media freedom.

“Freedom of expression and freedom of media are major priorities for the European Union and, as part of the Copenhagen political criteria, a key aspect of the EU integration process of the Western Balkans countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina. We keep a close eye on these issues in assessing BiH’s readiness to move closer to the EU. We expect full support from people in positions  of responsibility in achieving these policy priorities.”


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