EUFOR comments on illegal Excavation and dumping around the Municipality of Ilidza and Camp Butmir

EUFOR along with its partners in NATO are delighted to have had the co-operation of the Ministry of Communal Economy, Infrastructure, Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection and the Government of Canton Sarajevo in addressing the issue of large scale illegal dumping and excavation in the areas around the municipality of Ilidza and Camp Butmir which poses a danger and a nuisance to local communities and residents.
EUFOR and NATO had to act on this matter as there was a threat to our perimeter and therefore overall security in Camp Butmir. However, EUFOR and NATO also acted on this issue because of the pollution caused by these illegal activities.
As with all the challenges BiH faces, EUFOR and NATO strongly believe that a constructive and united approach – based on cooperation and partnership – will achieve the best results for the people of BiH and the action taken against the illegal dumping and excavation, a culmination of years of effort from EUFOR, NATO and local authorities, represents this mindset. EUFOR and NATO very much hope that this collaborative approach will continue on this and other issues which affect the lives of the local community.

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