Cikotic and Leitner: Necessary Joint Cooperation in the WB in the Process of Asylum

Current events regarding migration in the world, but also their context in the case of the Western Balkans, were the topics of today’s meeting between the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic and the State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia Vendelin Leitner.

BiH Minister of Security Selmo Cikotic said that they discussed the good cooperation between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovakia so far, and ways to improve it.

“We also touched on the topic of new activities and exchange of experiences and mechanisms regarding the control of residence and control of migrants. This primarily refers to the ways of establishing the identity and identification of migrants. We also exchanged experiences on the broader security context, ie how migration and asylum affect that issue, “Cikotic said.

He pointed out that it was agreed between BiH and Slovakia to further strengthen the mechanisms of cooperation and resolving common issues of interest for both countries and the region.

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovakia, Vendelin Leitner, pointed out that today in Sarajevo, with the Minister of Security of BiH, Selmo Cikotic, he discussed the complete situation in the world when it comes to migration and asylum.

“It’s a very serious topic. We have agreed to strengthen cooperation, especially when it comes to the Western Balkans regarding the migration route on the route of which are the countries in the area. We want joint cooperation. We intend to develop it in a professional way “, Leitner pointed out.

Cikotic and Leitner therefore organized the signing of a memorandum on joint cooperation between BiH and Slovakia today.

“We want to expand cooperation and working groups will clearly follow this issue in the coming times. In Slovakia, they understand the sacrifice of BiH citizens and institutions that they have shown towards refugees and migrants. Both the citizens and the institutions of BiH had a strong solidarity towards them “, said Leitner.

He stated that he would therefore visit the migration center near Sarajevo today, where he wanted to see the work of people who care for those who, as he said, left their homes through no fault of their own.

“All of this requires EU assistance, not only in improving the conditions for migration control, but also when it comes to the operation of migrant centers,” Leitner said.

He handed the invitation to the Minister of Security of BiH Selmo Cikotic to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Slovakia for a meeting in Bratislava, BHRT writes.

Photo: Nihad Ibrahimkadic – Anadolu Agency

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