European Commission conducted a TAIEX Peer Review Mission in BiH

From 10 to 14 September 2018, the European Commission in cooperation with the BiH Directorate for European Integration conducted a TAIEX Peer Review Mission on the Civil Protection system in BiH.

The aim of the mission was to provide the European Commission and the BiH authorities with an assessment of the strategic, legislative and institutional framework in the field of civil protection, as well as of the capability of institutions to prevent and respond to disasters across BiH.

This mission was part of the activities carried out by the European Commission in the context of the preparation of the Opinion on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s application for membership in the European Union. It was led by Mr. Christian Krol (Austria), Mr. Domen Torkar (Slovenia) and Mr. Oliver Nestler (Germany), who are experts with a long experience on the topic.

During the mission, the experts met with about 50 representatives of responsible ministries, agencies and other civil protection institutions at all levels of government.

The expected outcome of this mission is an independent expert report with clear recommendations for the country.




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