European Festivals Association supports ‘Sarajevo Winter’

Yesterday, European Festivals Association (EFA) has wished the Managing Director of festival Ibrahim Spahić success in organising the upcoming ‘Sarajevo Winter 2013’ festival, reports FENA.

President of EFA Darko Brlek wished Spahić successful realization of the festival noting that Sarajevo  has a international place not just in Europe but also in the world, said the Press Centre of the ‘Sarajevo Winter 2013’ festival.

Brlek congratulated on results that were achieved in previous years and confirmed that ‘Sarajevo Winter’ is indeed an international festival.

Brlek especially noted his satisfaction with the fact that artists from Ljubljana are participating at this year’s festival.

Also, Katherin Deventer, secretary general of EFA expressed her support for ‘Sarajevo Winter 2013’, adding that 106 arts festivals from the entire world are joined in EFA, and that ‘Sarajevo Winter’ has a great artistic program.

Deventer also stated that the festival is strengthening political and social debate.

‘It is a platform for dialogue among people, among sectors of society who otherwise rarely meet. You can reach over

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