President of BiH Federation Speaks About Current Political Situation in USA

The President of the FBiH Živko Budimir will make an official visit to the USA, where he will meet with members of the US Congress and Senate and speak about the current political situation in the FBiH and BiH.

Along with this, he will present his position and perception of the current situation, and will give suggestions that would bring a solution to the crisis as soon as possible. According to Budimir, this is the primary reason why citizens are suffering.

Budimir believes that the actual situation can be solved only through institutional dialogue and compromise with the call for politicians to show their political responsibility and to stop acting only for their personal and party interests. They are responsible to answer to citizens in order to make possible a normal life in society.

During the official meeting in Washington, Budimir will attend a prayer breakfast and a panel called “Bosnia and Herzegovina, reforms for economic prosperity or financial collapse-what to do?”, which is organized by the Center for Translantlantic Integration.

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