Everaers: Census is postponed according to international recommendation

Recommendation of the International Monitoring Operation (IMO) for BiH census was to postpone the census for at least six months, or for October 2013, said to FENA president of IMO Pieter Everaers.

”As you can already read in this week’s BiH press, BiH Council of Ministers considered the Report on Preparations for Census 2013 in BiH and tasked the BiH Agency for Statistics that they submit, for a next session, a draft law on amendments to the Law on Census which will take into account the recommendations of the IMO in relation with the postponement of the census for six months. The Decisions of BiH Council of Ministers is in accordance with the recommendations of the IMO”, said Everaers

The Council of Ministers has considered the amended report on preparations for the census in BiH in 2013 and tasked the Agency of Statistics that they submit a draft law amending the Law on Census in BiH in 2013 at the next session of the Council.

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