Ex-Yu Giant moves production to Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Slovenian company “Iskra Mehanizmi” from Lipnica, the successor of the former Yugoslav giant Iskra, will soon move its production to Catrnja, not far from the new customs terminal and bridge in Bosanska Gradiska, Biznis Info reports.

Their factory in Gradiska was founded in 2004 and is called “Mechanisms B”, and they operate under the auspices of the parent company “Iskra Mehanizmi”.

The company states that they single out the most important of future investments, and that is the new facility in Catrnja.

The land area is 14,000 square meters, and the planned facility is 4,500 square meters, while the planned investment is around 3.6 million BAM.

“The new location of the company was chosen because the new customs terminal is in the immediate vicinity, which, after the construction of the bridge to Croatia, will become the most frequent Cargo terminal in our country,” the company “Mehanizmi B” states.

“Mehanizmi B” in Gradiska assembles small household appliances and depilatories for “Siemens”, “Philips” and BOSCH.

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