Excellent concert of Prljavo Kazalište in Dom Mladih

Prljavo kazaliste 04On Saturday, 18 May, in the full Dom Mladih, one of the most famous Croatian rock and roll bands Prljavo Kazalište had a concert and they offered a great time to audience of Sarajevo.

This concert was an opportunity to promote their new album called ‘Možda dogodine’ which was released in 2012, but they also played their old songs such as Pisma ljubavna, Sve je lako kad si mlad, Kiše jesenje, Tu noć kad si se udavala, Moj bijeli labude…

The concert lasted for two hours and the sponsor was BH Telecom.

Before the concert started young band from Sarajevo ‘The Last Location’ entertained the audience and they’ve played songs of Daft Punk, and cover of Bolero- Galebovi. The audience also had the opportunity to listen to children’s choir ‘Princess Krofne’ who also had a short performance with the song ‘Moj Bijeli Labude’.

The interest for the concert was great, and the band ‘Prljavo Kazalište’ announced that they’ll come to Sarajevo again during the Sarajevo Film Festival.

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