Exhibition “Collection in a Collection” with 250 Artworks opened in Sarajevo

Mirko Komosar, a dentist from BiH, recognized the real artwork, and he collected about 250 works by mostly BH artists, as well as by artists from the region, and his valuable collection was purchased by the Art Gallery back in 1971. It was presented to the public last night.

These valuable works are exhibited at the exhibition called “Collection in a Collection”, and the curator of the Gallery, Ivana Udovicic, noted at the opening of the exhibition that this is one of the largest treasures of the entire collection of the Art Gallery of BiH.

“We have numerous work and small space. We decided to present it in this way in order to emphasize the treasure collected by a dentist from Sarajevo, a friend of artists and an art expert who had a very good eye for the right painting,” stated Udovicic.

She also noted that the exhibition has a thematic dimension and it was conceived to simulate the ambience of a home of private collection and it is divided into several thematic ensembles that are characteristic to private collections, and they include landscapes, still life, portraits and paintings, and private collectors are mostly interested in the aforementioned types of works.

The exhibition includes works of Ljubo Babic, Berta Baruh-Kamhi, Vladimir Becic, Adela Ber-Vukic, Jovan Bijelic, Vlaho Bukovac, Vojo Dimitrijevic, Nevenka Djordjevic-Tomasevic, Robert Franges Mihanovic, Kosta Hakman, Oton Ivekovic, Paja Jovanovic, Gabrijel Jurkic, Anto Kostovic, Lujza Kuzmic-Mijic, Ljubo Lah, Franjo Likar, Celestin Medovic, Karlo Mijic, Mario Mikulic, Omer Mujadzic and Roman Petrovic.

The exhibition will be opened until August 6, but curators of the Art Gallery will return it at the end of autumn when it will be opened for a longer period of time, and it will be accompanied by the appropriate catalogue.



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