Poultry Farmers from BiH ready for the Market of the EU

Final public consultations on the topic of the Guide for Good Hygiene Practice and the implementation of the HACCP principles in slaughterhouses and chicken meat slaughterhouses was organized yesterday in Sarajevo, and it represents a continuation of activities of a support to the sector of poultry for access to the market of the EU.

Consultations were conducted by the Project of USAID / Sweden FARMA 2, in cooperation with the Agency for Food Safety of BiH and representatives of producers of chicken meat, processors and poultry farmers from BiH.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and one of the managers of slaughterhouses in the meat industry “Madi” Tesanj, Tarik Avdibegovic, stated that this company had two official visits of the General Directorate for Health and Food Safety and on behalf of the European Commission during the past year.

He stated that they fulfilled all the required conditions, complied all the requirements of the EU on their farms and slaughterhouses, and secured a positive assessment through constant cooperation with the competent institutions.

“Now we need to advocate the opening of the market. This is a challenge, and if take into consideration that we have 176 farms in the RS and 185 in the FBiH, we can see that this is our common interest,” noted President of the Association of Poultry Farmers of the FBiH, Mesud Pinjo.

At a large market of the EU, where there is a capacity to sell 13 million tons of poultry meat from BiH, we can think about 10,000 tons of exports with our capacities, as noted by the USAID.


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