Exhibition ‘Exploring Bosnia’ to open in Etihad Modern Art Gallery


Bosnia is under the spotlight in this exhibition at One Piece Concept in association with Etihad Modern Art Gallery.

Bosnian art is finally coming to the capital!

Opening 25th January, the exhibition Exploring Bosnia will interpret the connection of traditional and modern artistry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Exploring Bosnia is the first art exhibition dedicated to Bosnian artists in the UAE, bringing together 12 established and emerging artists through more than 60 pieces of artwork.

It will also include some of the country’s famous handcrafts, antique jewellery and an extinct variant of the alphabet used in Bosnia.

The main gallery will showcase works by Alisa Teletovic, who’s known for the expressive and figurative style in which she paints her life experiences, emotions and thoughts.

Entrance to the Etihad Modern Art Gallery and this exhibition is free and runs till 7th March 2020.


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