Exhibition in Kuwait: Companies satisfied with the Presentations

izlozba3Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H with a partner from Kuwait (Key Buildings Co.) and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H/B&H Embassy in Kuwait organized a business visit of B&H businessmen to Kuwait and their participation in the Business Forum and Exhibition of B&H products “Made in B&H.”

B&H companies are satisfied with the business presentations, considering that they achieved several contacts from which business cooperation are expected in the near future.

To recall, the business delegation of B&H, headed by the President of the Foreign Trade Chamber of B&H Bruno Bojic, the Adviser of Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Savo Krunic, representative of the Ministry of Economy of Central Bosnia Canton, representatives of the companies Delibasic Poliuretani d.o.o., PE Krivala Mobel d.o.o., Vita-Life d.o.o., Reumal Fojnica, Kabeli d.o.o. and KLAS d.d., as well as representatives of the American University in B&H.

On the 17th of November, within the visit to Kuwait, in the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Kuwait, the exhibition of B&H products “Made in B&H” was formally opened. Companies participants of BH delegation presented themselves on the exhibition, while on one booth of the Foreign Trade Chamber was organized a catalog promotion of the economic potential of B&H and the companies: HERING d.d., EUROVIP d.o.o., KRIN d.o.o., HAMIDOVIĆ d.o.o., BOSNA-S d.o.o., EUROENGINEER d.o.o., PROGRAD d.o.o., ZANAT, SARAJ KOMERC d.o.o., PROMO d.o.o., ARTISAN, RATTAN SEDIA, LIGNUM d.o.o., SMRČAK d.o.o., HOTEL BISTRICA – OC JAHORINA and HOTEL TERMAG.


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